I recently attended a three day QBConnect conference in San Jose, CA.  At the conference approximately five minutes was devoted to QuickBooks Desktop.  The CFO of Intuit stated that they were going to continue to support QuickBooks Desktop.  The remainder of the conference was about QuickBooks Online, all of its features, advanced security, the research and development that has gone into the product.  Vendors at the conference could attend, only if they wrote applications that integrated with QuickBooks Online.

My takeaway is that QuickBooks Desktop is on its way out of existence.  The Online version already has features that the Desktop editions cannot do.  Anything that the Desktop version does that isn’t already programmed into the Online Edition can be found in an app.  I was quite amazed by the advancements in the Online product.  Contact me for a demo.  If you decide to change, I can get you a 50% discount for life.